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What's Next? Israel-Gaza War

What's Next? Israel-Gaza War

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Are you ready to take a stand?

The world is closely watching Israel following a severe conflict with Hamas. As tensions escalate, the potential for a broader regional conflict looms. What implications does this hold for Israel’s future and biblical prophecy? This insightful book delves into Israel’s historic and prophetic role in God’s plan. Authors Jimmy Evans and Dr. Mark Hitchcock offer perspective on the:

  • Biblical foundations for Israel’s claim to the land
  • Intricate history of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute
  • Emergence of radical Islam and the rise of anti-Semitism
  • Prophecies concerning Israel in the End Times
  • Ways Christians can pray for and stand with Israel.

God assures blessing for those who bless Israel. As global sentiment shifts, understanding Israel’s importance is crucial.

Equip yourself with knowledge and stand with Israel in these pivotal moments.

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